Word of the Year 2021: Connection

(From March 2021)

The sober community offers so much. I’m part of “Women for Sobriety” (WFS), which I found here on WordPress. I meet weekly over Zoom with a group of beautiful women who all reside here in lovely Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Last week, our fearless leader and moderator asked us what our Word of the Year (WOTY) will be. I immediately felt “Connection” in my head, gut and heart — and when do those three ever align (outside of the desire for Hot Tamales during early sobriety.).

So I’m committing to Connection as my WOTY. It’s what’s gotten me to 4 months. 122 days. It’s been connection with you, with my husband (i.e., telling the truth), with WFS, with AA members, with a therapist, and through writing. I never reached out for help or connection in the past. I tried to soldier on quietly and do it by myself (and, for me, that meant: “I don’t have anyone other than myself to hold me accountable. If a slip happens, it happens.”). Nothing changes if you don’t do something different.

Connection will be my something different; and it has been everything so far. I will continue to connect in as many ways as possible this year — for sobriety first, then personal growth when it’s time.

So THANK YOU for connecting.

~Mumma Doesn’t Drink

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