Just a break

(From February 2021) My life is good. Amazing husband, two boys I adore. A job that supports us. A roof over our head. But I’m still tired. Tired of parenting in a pandemic. The word “Mom” is uttered 7 times before I’m fully through the door. The boys, my husband, the dogs…they all need myContinue reading “Just a break”

As Big as the Sun

(From January 2021) Day 103: I’m “Mumma Doesn’t Drink” so naturally I’m finding that some of my truest joy comes from moments with my little boys. Moments that I’m present for. Moments that I can press the Pause button on and really savor. I couldn’t wait to celebrate 100 days AF, but it ended upContinue reading “As Big as the Sun”

Playing catch-up

The best laid plans…. I really did intend to use this blog to log my thoughts and wonderous epiphanies <wink wink> on the daily. Mummadoesnstdrink was going to be my digital journal of all things gratitude and alcohol-free “one day at a time”. Alas, this blog has been sitting in the background, while I goContinue reading “Playing catch-up”

Slingshot into maturity

Almost five months. Sobriety has been like a slingshot into a new way of thinking. I can’t hold onto regrets I have about my Dad. I can honor him not by “forgiving” him but by “promising” him I will keep growing up and learning the lessons. When we heal for ourselves, we heal for others.Continue reading “Slingshot into maturity”

The Space Between

This is hard as f$&@. And it’s boring. And it’s scary. And it’s exhilarating. And it’s exhausting. And it’s annoying. And it’s life saving. And that sums up how I feel in one minute in early sobriety. No alcohol for 135 days today. Honoring the space between “what was” and “what’s next”. Damn skippy.

Nap Wine

I wish the “mommy wine” culture would go away. Just vanish. All the T-shirt puns. The memes. All the oversized wine glasses. And for the love of god, every single piece of “Pump and Dump” merchandise. Believe me – I’m not claiming to be the first to point out this twisted marketing mess. Goddesses Glennon,Continue reading “Nap Wine”

Oxygen masks

Family can be a strong motivator to stop drinking. But I’m learning that this change really needs to come from within one’s self. It’s like that oxygen mask rule on a plane. Put yours on first then assist others. My husband and I had an argument this morning. I’m sad by how hurtful he isContinue reading “Oxygen masks”

I gave my kids cavities

Bear with me. I took my 5-yr-old to the dentist last Thursday for his regular check-up. All was going well. He sat still, joked with the hygienist, and got a glowing report on his healthy gums. Nice! Then came the X-rays. After a few minutes of review, the dentist came back to talk to me.Continue reading “I gave my kids cavities”

Red Wedding

I love Clare Pooley’s “The Sober Diaries”. She’s amazing. She is so witty. Not in the least condescending. When I read her Day 0, I laughed. She writes about how she looked down at her coffee mug filled with the remnants of a wine bottle…at 11AM. It said “World’s Best Mum” on the outside ofContinue reading “Red Wedding”

“Mumma doesn’t drink…”

“Hey Mumma! How come Daddy has a beer bottle, but you don’t?” I looked into my seven-year-old son’s giant, blue eyes. He was sincerely curious. We were hosting a party in our backyard. I surveyed the scene while I gripped a lime seltzer in my hand. Most of our guests were lazily swinging beer bottlesContinue reading ““Mumma doesn’t drink…””